Physics Club Activities

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Most events are held in Gagnon Lecture Hall (100 HSC) at noon on Fridays. Lunch will be provided.

  • Summer research presentations by Ryan McQuillen '12 and Jaclyn Avidon '12. Friday, 28 Oct.
  • Mapping the Universe with Quasar Absorption Lines, Dr. Jane Charlton (Dept. of Astronomy, The Pennsylvania State University). Friday, 14 Oct.
  • Summer research presentations by Ryan Payne '12 and Mario Rusev '13. Friday, 30 Sept.
  • Why Major Tectonic Faults Are Weak and Tend to Creep, Dr. Chris Marone (Dept. of Geosciences, The Pennsylvania State University). Postponed, date TBA
  • Polarizability Measurements of Atomic Cesium's 6d2D3/2 State, Prof. Andrew Kortyna (Dept. of Physics, Lafayette College). Friday, 9 Sept.
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